All Aliens Like Burgers by Ruth Masters

All Aliens Like Burgers

The first novel of the Truxxe Trilogy

Tom Bowler has barely ever ventured out of the small English town where he grew up. So when he applies for a job in a fast food restaurant at a local service station during his gap year he is rather surprised to discover that “local” means Truxxe, a planetoid located between local galaxies Triangulum and Andromeda. 

Having befriended a purple alien called Raphyl and while trying to make sense of the feelings he has for his android supervisor Miss Lolah, Tom soon discovers that Truxxe has many hidden secrets - why is its terrain so rich and varied that it can be used for fuelling such a diverse variety of intergalactic spacecraft? What are the Glorbian space pirate brothers Schlomm and Hannond plotting? And just what is it that they put in those burgers?


Do Aliens Read Sci-Fi?

The second novel of the Truxxe Trilogy

Tom Bowler, burger boy at an inter-stellar service station, encounters new friends, new foes and new adventures in this witty sequel to 'All Aliens Like Burgers’.

Tom's group of friends is distraught when the Truxxian Raphyl is exiled to the impenetrable prison planet Porriduum. With its molten crust and deadly orbit around an ion star, escape from Porriduum seems impossible.

Tom, Kayleesh and their friends embark on a quest to prove Raphyl's innocence and bring him home, but it doesn't quite go according to plan. The malevolent Schlomm Putt is also hatching a plan to liberate his brother Hannond from Porriduum. But will he succeed? Will anyone escape the deadly prison planet unscathed? And why is Tom's Earth friend Nathan wandering around bar Six Seven?


When Aliens Play Trumps

The third novel of the Truxxe Trilogy

The Radiakkans want to establish Earth as Radiakka II, and only Tom Bowler can stop them. But how will he get back to Earth when none of his friends seem to own a spaceship?

It’s a race against time, as Tom and his band of alien friends go into battle to save the Earth, coming up against challenges and puzzles and threats at every turn.

How are pirate brothers Hannond and Schlomm involved in the Radiakkan plan? What further Truxxian secrets can he unleash to help him in his plight? How will Tom manage without his trusty friends Nathan and Kayleesh at his side?

Join Tom on this fast-moving adventure – the final novel in Ruth Masters’ acclaimed Truxxe Trilogy.


Belisha Beacon & Tabitha Turner

My latest novel

Tabitha Turner is timid, anxious and feels unfulfilled in her job dealing with complaints in a grey, faceless part of the city. She lives in an ordinary semi, in an ordinary road, in an ordinary suburb, in the year 2018.

Belisha Beacon is a confident and famous radio broadcaster who works from a transparent space construction, above her home-planet Hayfen IV in the year 2418.

When the two women wake up in each other’s bodies and in each other’s lives, they each have to figure out how to survive in a strange new world and how to get back to their own realities… or if they even want to get back.  Nothing is ever as it seems as Belisha and Tabitha’s lives begin to change forever.


Extreme Autograph Hunters

The first "Zealcon" novel 

Alistair and Jeremy are sci-fi fans, on their way to the annual ZealCon convention, where they can’t wait to see the actual Temporal Perambulator, the iconic time machine from their favourite TV show.

Rosemary and Joanne have a penchant for fantasy, and they are going to ZealCon, barefoot and dressed as Faeries.

When Jeremy and Alistair unwittingly discover that the “TP” prop is in fact a real working time machine, they begin an epic adventure through time and space to collect autographs from famous historical figures.

During their quest, the boys’ friendship is tested to the limit, and they regularly cross paths with Rosemary and Joanne who always seem to be one step ahead... what exactly is their secret, and will Alistair and Jeremy ever get 'the ultimate autograph'?