Do Aliens Read Sci-Fi?

The second novel in The Truxxe Trilogy

Tom Bowler, burger boy at an inter-stellar service station, encounters new friends, new foes and new adventures in this witty sequel to 'All Aliens Like Burgers’.

Tom's group of friends is distraught when the Truxxian Raphyl is exiled to the impenetrable prison planet Porriduum. With its molten crust and deadly orbit around an ion star, escape from Porriduum seems impossible.

Tom, Kayleesh and their friends embark on a quest to prove Raphyl's innocence and bring him home, but it doesn't quite go according to plan. The malevolent Schlomm Putt is also hatching a plan to liberate his brother Hannond from Porriduum. But will he succeed? Will anyone escape the deadly prison planet unscathed? And why is Tom's Earth friend Nathan wandering around bar Six Seven?