The Extreme Autograph Hunters


Alistair and Jeremy are sci-fi fans, on their way to the annual ZealCon convention, where they can’t wait to see the actual Temporal Perambulator, the iconic time machine from their favourite TV show.

Rosemary and Joanne have a penchant for fantasy, and they are going to ZealCon, barefoot and dressed as Faeries.

When Jeremy and Alistair unwittingly discover that the “TP” prop is in fact a real working time machine, they begin an epic adventure through time and space to collect autographs from famous historical figures.

During their quest, the boys’ friendship is tested to the limit, and they regularly cross paths with Rosemary and Joanne who always seem to be one step ahead... what exactly is their secret, and will Alistair and Jeremy ever get 'the ultimate autograph'?